Our Mission

The Cannadian Life is more than just a brand. For us its a movement. Were not just trying to sell some clothes, were trying to change your thought.

Our mission is to change your view on a plant. Yeah, a plant. A plant most have hated. This plant never hurt anyone. In fact, it saved some people. However, for some reason, the plant and the people who enjoy its fine qualities have been subject to some very negative legal and social implications. Now, as the legal implications have begun to change, we thought we could give the social part a boost. 

This plant is so versatile. From medicine to building blocks, hemp can do quite a bit. Yes, the laws have changed, but the stigma remains. The stigma surrounding the plant and the people. This is where we come in.

As long-time cannabis users, and advocates of its benefits, we have dedicated ourselves to helping cannabis clear its name. By releasing high quality products and creating platforms that allow us to showcase the diversity of the people who enjoy this plant, and the versatility of the plant itself, we are hoping to destroy the stigma once and for all.

Were trying to do our part to help change the world. Cannabis is here to help us through it too.

“Cannabis isn’t who we are, its what connects us”

                                                                                  - Pano