What is Hemp

Hemp is a variety of the plant Cannabis Sativa that contains low amounts of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), less than 0.3%.

Hemp is one of the fastest growing plants and one of the first to be spun into usable fiber almost 10, 000 years ago. The plants cultivation is split into two types, one being the use of the seed and the other utilizing the stalk. The seed of the hemp plant can be used for things such as food, cosmetics, paints and much more. The stalk can be used for items such as building materials like concrete and insulation, textiles, paper products, fuel and much more.

Hemp, being one of the fastest growing plants, is an ideal plant for farmers. Not only does it benefit from its quick growth rate, but hemp produces two to three times more fiber per acre while using only half the amount of water. All while requiring little to no pesticides for growth. Hemp fibers also prove to be much stronger than cotton, creating a much more durable fabric.  The fibers are also UV, mold, mildew and microbe resistant, which should give you something to be excited for. The fabric can also prove to be very breathable and possesses insulating properties that keep you warm in the colder weather and cooler in warmer ones. Once you’re done, you can discard of your item without much worry as the hemp is biodegradable, further shrinking its carbon footprint.

Hemp clothing has been kept alive by few companies trying to survive the legacy of this wonderful textile. However, the emergence of hemp into the fashion world is lacking. Only a couple companies have used hemp in their product lines, and even then, only with minimal integration. The companies that are focusing on hemp clothing are not integrating it with the fashion industry. They make clothing, but don’t create fashion. This is where The Cannadian Life enters. That gap needs a bridge. We are that bridge. TCL is focused on creating an everlasting and ever adapting line of clothing produced from hemp and hemp blends. Integrating all types of fabric from cotton to silk into our designs we will introduce the fashion world to the beauty and the power of hemp.

The official launch of the company will be with the release of our Hemp Fleece Raglan Hoodies. We decided to focus our efforts into the release of the hoodie mainly based on the greatly positive reception our HalfLeaf hoodie attained and the demand for its return. The issue with or first line of hoodies is that they were made from a strictly cotton fabric with a much lower production quality. Noticing the success of our designs, it was clear that we needed to introduce the official hemp line. So, over the past year, the design has been perfected and the fabric has been sourced. Every detail down to the eyelets and drawstring ends (aglets) has been considered and the utmost respect for quality has been given. Any designs to be added to the hoodies are done so using either direct embroidery or the use of twill patches and embroidery mixed. The raglan cut allows for a more natural movement of the arm without the restraint of the seam across the shoulder in set-in styles. Additionally, the hoodie as am article in its own is one of the most sought-after pieces. So versatile in its uses, it can be worn to nearly every occasion. With that, we introduce you to The Cannadian Life.